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Evaporative Coolers Evaporative Coolers

Our evaporative coolers are the perfect solution for your eco-friendly needs. They use the latest and most environmentally friendly methods of cooling to keep your home growing quickly the cold weather. They are also run off battery power so you can stay connected even when the power is not available. They are also very easy to set up and use. Just input your location and temperature into the user interface and we'll take care of the rest.

Portable Cooler Fan Mini Air Fan Evaporative Humidifier 3 Sp

Portable Cooler Fan Mini Air


USD $78.85

ELECWISH Mini Portable Air Cooler Cooling Fan Evaporative Hu
4L / 8L Portable Air Cooler Cooling Fan Evaporative Humidifi

4L / 8L Portable Air


USD $78.85

Mini Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Colling Fan 4L Humidifi
Dial Manufacturing 2204 1/2 HP 2-Speed Evaporative Cooler Mo

Dial Manufacturing 2204 1/2 HP

By Dial Manufacturing

USD $49.70

NEW Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler Humidifier Purifies LED

NEW Arctic Air Personal Space

By Arctic Air

USD $20.00

Mini Portable Air Condotioner Cooler Cooling Fan Evaporative
Personal Evaporative Air Cooler And Humidifier Air Condition

Cheap Evaporative Coolers Evaporative Coolers Deal

The costway evaporative portable air cooler fan is perfect for those who want an effective and easy-to-use fan that will keep your home feeling cool and comfortable. This fan has an ion humidify remote control that makes it easy to keep your home cool, and the costway customer service is blitzable!
this little elecwish minivan air cooler is the perfect way to keep your home air temperature low and your work space humid! The elecwish mini portable air cooler can cool your home any level you choose, and keeps your work space humid because it emits a fan-like effect when you move it.
this is a 4l 8l portable air cooler. It cools down to just 3 degrees celsius using 4l electric current. This makes it an evaporative cooler and is perfect for the ungreased or newly cleaned air conditioning unit. The fan converts the air into a vapor which can be used to cool the home swing.